Climbing Biomechanics
Improve your climbing with a special monthly Climbing Biomechanics session by Stacy Weeks!

Fancy improving your climbing off the wall? Join us for our monthly workshop with Stacy Weeks, a movement specialist that knows exactly how to work your body to get the most of it! Stacy will be holding a workshop on the last friday of every month, make sure you book using the link below as Stacy’s sessions book up fast!

‘Moving your body well is key for better performance. But do you know how well you move? Do you need more reach, power, flexibility, grip or strength when you climb? Learn how to strengthen, mobilise, prepare and stimulate your body to improve your climbing skills and reduce/prevent injuries. Each monthly workshop will look at an area or element required for a good climb. We will look at warming up, Feet, Shoulders, Flexibility, Torso control and more!’

26th May 2023 – Workshop 1 – Warm Up (1.5hrs)

Get a grip on your warm up and ensure your body is ready to scale with confidence. A good warm up is the secret to peak performance and reducing injuries. In this workshop you will learn how to assess your body, learn correct warm up procedures and go away with a warm up that is specific to you and your sport.


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