Boulder Womxn Nights!
Join us for a social climb and event every month with other like minded climbers!

Join us for our Boulder Womxn evenings! A chance to meet and celebrate other female identifying members of the climbing community here at The Tide! Each month we will get together for a social climb and additional activity – this might be a film night, a coaching session or an extra work out! We’ve also got Boulder Womxn dedicated outdoor climbs too!

When: Second Tuesday of every month
Time: 7pm (unless otherwise stated!)
Where: The Tide

Each session is Free for members or £5 for non-members

We hope you can join us and look forward to seeing you!

This month share your physical challenges with the Boulder Womxn community and lets unpick them together with the guidance of Stacy Weeks Movement Specialist.

Pilates creates strong and flexible bodies, it shouldn’t feel easy if you’re doing it right. Our body needs strength to pass through the varying seasons of womanhood, building muscle and working with resistance are the keys to finding our power internally and externally as we age. The female body loses muscle mass, bone density and strength as our hormones change through ageing. We’ll look at how Pilates can support the female body through the decades to prevent climbing injuries, strengthen our sends and ultimately empower our bodies to do what we love for longer.



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