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We’re Working to Keep You & Our Team Safe at The Tide Climbing Centre

High or Low Tide?

To allow you to make your own decision about visiting us, we’re sharing how many climbers are here, in real time.

Climbing Safely at The Tide

We are really excited to welcome you back to The Tide Climbing Centre. As with all other areas of our lives, the indoor climbing environment has changed in order to be able to welcome you back safely. Below outlines everything you need to know about coming to our centre.

Currently, we do not require you to book a slot to come climbing however, this is under constant review. As such, you may be required to wait a period of time before we can let you in. The reason we have not initially implemented a booking system is that we would still like to be able to offer our customers the flexibility to climb for three hours or 30 minutes.

If you are feeling unwell or have been exposed to someone with symptoms of Covid-19 in the last seven days please do not come to our centre.

To ease congestion in our car park and ensure good relations with the neighbouring business please only park in the following areas:

Follow the new road layout, this takes you behind the centre. Park directly in front of The Tide climbing centre or at the end verge overlooking the wind turbine.

Please do NOT park in front of the Office Gym Club or Sperry Tents.

If you haven’t already – please ensure you give your car registration to reception or make sure this field is completed on your registration form and collect your free parking ticket from reception.

Entering the building

To the left of the main door there is now a barriered queuing system in place. Within this, please respect the 2m social distancing markers that are in place. Once you reach the door please enter via the left-hand door. Please use the hand sanitiser as soon as you can.

At reception

Please respect the 2m distance between you and our staff. If you are a member you can check in by scanning your card at the second till.

If you are a pay as you climb customer, who’s climbed with us before – you’ll need to state your name for our staff to find you and arrange payment. We are encouraging contactless payment where possible for speed and to limit contact. Where you can – please pay contactless.

If you have never visited our centre before please watch our centre video and fill out the centre registration form before arriving. Here is the link:

If you have booked onto an instructed session please sign in at reception and our team will let you know where to wait. Our instructors are ensuring that we can provide awesome sessions while maintaining social distancing. Please ensure you listen to them carefully during the initial safety brief.

Once you are been signed in

Our storage lockers have been separated to encourage everyone to keep their distance. Once you have stowed your belongings please move away to allow other people to place their items in the lockers and storage cupboards. Our changing rooms are open but please be mindful of others.

Toilets and showers

Our toilets are part of our regular cleaning schedule, however between cleans you can help us to limit the potential spread of Covid-19. Please remove your climbing shoes before using the toilets, wash your hands for at least 20 seconds after using the toilets and dry them thoroughly and please let us know if the toilets are not in good order.

The shower is currently not open for use, but as soon as it’s feasible to safely have this facility open, we will.

The climbing area

While climbing, it is your responsibility to ensure that you keep yourself distanced from others. While we have a limit to the number of people allowed in the building, we are not able to police the bouldering mats and therefore we ask you to think of others safety when in our centre. The area between the fitness studio and the training area is one way; due to the size of the area. Please ensure that you follow the one way system and once you are finished climbing move out of that area quickly.

Please do not sit on the mats at any time, if you are not climbing please use the open areas to rest.

Once you have finished climbing please wash your hand immediately or use the hand sanitiser placed around the centre.

Hire equipment

Once you have finished with your hire equipment please return it to reception to be cleaned. Once you have returned your equipment, you will not be able to retrieve it again, so only return it if you are sure you are finished with it.

The Cafe

We have worked hard to ensure we can open our cafe for you, however, some changes we’ve made might leave you waiting longer than normal. Please bear with us on this.

Ordering at the cafe will be the same as before, although please respect the social distance marker in front of the cafe. We have antibacterial spray for you to use should you wish to clean the area you are sat in.

Once you have ordered:


If you have ordered hot drinks please wait for these. They will be placed on the end of the cafe counter for you to collect. Please collect your drinks in a timely manner so that the next order can be made.


If you have ordered food (including cake) you will be given a table number.

Once your food has been prepared we will bring it to the end of your table. Once you are finished, please stack your plates and we will collect them from the end of your table.

Leaving the building

Please leave the building via the left hand door and  make sure you sign yourself out of the building using the computer by the door.

This will help us ensure the correct number of people are in the centre and will mean that others can enter. If you are not sure how to sign yourself out – please ask a member of the Tide Team.

We’re really excited to welcome you back, if you have any questions please pop us an email: