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Our Story
We love Cornwall and its community!
Why Are We Here?
Our Mission is to make The Tide Climbing Centre the forefront of inclusive climbing activities and the best in the South West. To develop the health and well-being of our customers through high quality experiences.
We visualise the development and growth of our brand centred around our values of health and well-being, sustainability and communities.

What Lead To The Tide?
We are keen climbers and keen surfers, this does not mean we are the best but we do love challenges. We wanted to create our own playground full of all our favourite aspects of a climbing centre. We have invested all we have into The Tide as we know Cornwall needs it and will love it. The community of Cornwall have helped us fund and build this amazing space, this drives us to keep improving our centre and giving back to Cornwall. We have built Cornwall’s biggest bouldering facility within an old cattle barn, we have included a large cafe supplying locally sourced coffee and products.
How Was It Created?
We have visited, built, and worked in climbing facilities and centres all over the world and distilled our favourite parts from each, with a bit of our added kookiness to create The Tide Climbing Centre. We have developed our business model and strategies to insure the growth of the business and to enable us to give back to the community. We are also invested in developing our staff, we will be providing continuous professional development. Our staff and customers are the key to our centre, they have helped paint, build and open The Tide Climbing Centre and we can’t thank you enough.
Who Was It Created For?
Everyone! Our centre will offer an adventure to everyone of all ages! We are a very passionate and enthusiastic team; we believe in taking on challenges and surpassing our own expectations. We have built well rounded values in to The Tide and we hope our team will continue to grow and flourish. At the Tide we aim to give customers the best experience whether your completely new to the sport or pushing your grade. We feel we have something for everyone we strive to provide great coaching to help you overcome boundaries you never thought you could. We have created this fantastic centre to provide job opportunities to the community as well as providing educational services to the communities in Cornwall.
What Do We Want To Be?
We want to be an evolving business, we have designed everything to be as modular as possible. If our valued customers want more bouldering/ropes/lead/workspace we can adapt and improve. We also want to be the best employer we can be, providing training, support and unique opportunities.
Environmental Ethos
At the Tide we are committed to our environment and our community. We are aiming to reduce our environmental impact and be as sustainably as possible. We understand we may not be able to get this right straight away but we aim to keep improving and doing this by listening our customers. We also make sure we research into all our suppliers to make sure they fit in with our company values.

The Tide Values

Lead by example - Our team try to set a good example; we treat all the same and expect the same in return. We are always aiming for high standards in work and life.
Sustainability for all – We act as responsible individuals in life and business. We aim to be pragmatic in finding ethical solutions to improve our environment; by broadening our knowledge, experience and perspectives. Our objective is to inspire the greater community to make responsible choices.
Integrity and collaboration – Be real and be honest. We share insight and advice constructively to reach shared goals. We believe that building collaborative partnerships is vital to achieve success, we must do this in an open and honest fashion.
The kaizen approach –a Japanese business philosophy of continuous improvement of working practices, personal efficiency. We encourage co-workers to show their potential and stimulate them to surpass their expectations. Sure, people make mistakes. But they learn from them and excel!
Delivering our values through customer service – We aim to differentiate ourselves and be innovative whilst maintaining our core values. You must do something that’s above and beyond what’s expected and be attentive to the needs of our customers and our colleagues.
Change, flow, dyno – if something isn’t working, let’s improve or change it. If something starts to become ineffective let’s arise beyond, make changes to create an impact. We must continue to be dynamic and not stall, we want to be confident in our decisions keeping in mind the perspective of our community. Aim high.
Our team consists of a mixture of people from different backgrounds and places. Some of us are locals and some of us have relocated because we just love it here!
We have a big team board in our centre! Come in and check it out, get to know us.