This year we’re running Kook Fest as a summer long bouldering league! If you’ve never tried a bouldering league before then don’t worry – It’s easy to get involved!

Here’s everything you need to know :

How Does it Work?

Simply download the Griptonite app and when you come in scan our special tag at reception that will give you access to the competition routes! Give the routes a climb, scan the tag next to the route and Griptonite will add you to the scoreboard! Griptonite will calculate your score depending on how many attempts each route takes you. The climber with the most points will be crowned the series champion at the end of the 6 weeks!

Who Can Enter?

Everyone! Bouldering Leagues are great as everyone can try the routes and enter into the competition!

There will be 5 categories:

-Under 16 (mixed)

-Open Male (16-39)

-Open Female (16-39),

-Veteran Male  (40+)

-Veteran Female (40+).


When is it ?

We’ll be running the competition from July 27th-September 1st. This runs along side our 6 week summer membership offer ( which includes the competition entry cost), so if your going to be climbing more over these 6 weeks then that could be the right membership for you!

There will be 5 Competition climbs set each Thursday over the 6 weeks to accompany the regular route setting. Competitors will have then have the week to try and complete the climb before it get reset on the following Thursday.

How Much Does it Cost?

Entry into Kook Fest 2023 is £5 for members and £10 for non-members.


We cant wait to see you all giving it your best shot and pushing the level of climbing, good luck and lets have some fun!!