We’re turning 4! and we cant wait to celebrate with you guys! We’re holding a super fun competition, open for all abilities to enter and have a go. The format will be  the open round from 9am-5pm which you can drop in to at anytime, these will be a mix of grades allowing everyone to have a go. You can try as many of the routes as you like, and add your attempts through the Griptonite app.

Finals will then be from 6pm-8:30pm for the top 3 competitors in each category, if that’s not you then you can kick back and watch with beer and pizza!

Book in your place in the competition here > https://app.rockgympro.com/b/widget/?a=offering&offering_guid=e1e5ca9a3e4f4f92adc8e5ecf1a9aa01&limited_to_course_guid_for_offering_guid_e1e5ca9a3e4f4f92adc8e5ecf1a9aa01=324102253f09787ce95b72f1519c3c428223a1b1&random=6527cc4a7130d&iframeid&mode=p&fbclid=IwAR3uKMFyffO8Iv901ncEwg5v4eFn0bZwHqxa-MaJ1FpChkLH6a7HDe4yX0k